Clifford Brandt under arrest


Clifford Brandt Arrested

The son of the affluent Fritz Brandt, Clifford Brandt, was arrested by the National Police of Haiti for his involvement in the kidnapping of two children on October 16 as part of a larger kidnapping network in Haiti.

“Yes Clifford Brandt is in custody. He is currently in detention at the Directorate of Judicial Police (DCPJ),” a PNH spokesman told HPN that an investigation was ongoing.

According to Police Spokesman, Frantz Lerebours, reached by telephone, Clifford Brandt did not deny his involvement in the kidnapping on October 16 of Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso, two children of a Haitian entrepreneur.

The kidnapping was carried out on Bourdon Road, informed the police. A two day police operation resulted in the release of the children on Tuesday, October 23.

“The motive for the Moscoso child abductions are not known, but it could be done in order to make money. Anyway there is an ongoing criminal investigation,” said Frantz Lerebours, of few words on this matter.


2 thoughts on “Clifford Brandt under arrest

  1. Ten million of Haitians in Haiti, plus one million of Haitians in Dominican Republic and four millions of Haitians in the “diaspora” overseas are following this case very closely for any sign of differential treatment.
    We expect that the Haitian Televisions and the printed media will show Mr.Clifford Brandt pictures,his accomplices pictures and treat them the same way they treated the sons and daughters of Dessalines at Citee Soleil and Bel Air.
    Let’s hope this time there are no replay of German warships en route to Haiti like during the Emile Lüders affairs on On December 6, 1897 since those guys hold foreign passports and view themselves as superior to the rest of the population.

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