One thought on “Did Haitian Leaders Miss Out on Huge Columbus Opportunity?

  1. I don’t know who you are sir and will try to be polite, but a statue of Christopher Columbus? On my country’s soil? No sir that should never happen. Today I am nostalgic of the fact that there isn’t even ONE native left in Haiti, the only Carribean country where that is true, and who’s fault is that? You guessed it, Christopher Columbus. They exterminated the original habitant of the island and therefore are guilty of crimes against humanity. But hey, as is the case today, only non whites are judged for so called crimes against humanity. If anything, we should ask for the French embassy to be closed and expel the french embassador, and if the us, uk, canada and the rest don’t stop interfering in our political affairs, forcing corrupt leaders on us and collaborating with the stinking elite who has pillaging the countries for decades, then we should expel them as well. Long live my homeland, free of imperialist, free of leeches jews and free of prejudice, economic blackmail and all. We have resources and we will do just like Chavez, use it to better our own dark skin people.

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