Seeking justice for Haiti’s rape victims Malya Villard-Appolon is an Haitian women who is now on CCN Heroes








Malya Villard-Appolon is the co-founder of MADRE’s partner organization in Haiti, KOFAVIV.

KOFAVI works to confront sexual violence and exploitation in Haiti, while providing rape survivors with social and psy

chological support and vital health services.

Malya’s commitment to women’s empowerment is rooted in the steps she took to convert her own pain into healing. She survived brutal rape during Haiti’s years of political violence. She met many women who shared frighteningly similar stories.

But these women shared more than stories of suffering. Together, they were resilient, bold and fiercely committed to upholding women’s rights. So Malya decided to set up an organization to address the medical and psychological needs of rape survivors.
In 2004, Malya helped found KOFAVIV. The organization advocates for survivors of rape, provides urgent care andYou can stand with Malya and support rape survivors in Haiti. helps women rebuild their lives. Malya has offered her shoulder for thousands of women to lean on. And KOFAVIV is recognized, within Haiti and around the world, as one of the leading women’s human rights organizations addressing sexual violence.

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