Haiti Holds Prayer for Recovery of Hugo Chavez

Source: Defend.ht

A special mass was held Friday at the Church of St Pierre for the recovery of health of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez. President Michel Martelly and Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe, among others, participated in ceremony initiated by the Venezuelan Ambassador, Pedro Antonio Gonzalez Canino.

Venezuelan Vice-President Nicolas Maduro said on Thursday that Chavez was well and conscious, but that “he’s fighting a great battle… for his life, for his health,” after having cancer surgery in Cuba and a subsequent respiratory infection.

In Haiti, government officials gathered in Petion Ville at the Church of Saint Pierre for a mass of praying for the Venezuelan president who has made Haiti an important priority in his governing agenda. “I am glad you are moving in large numbers to pray for President Hugo Chavez,” said the Head of State Michel Martelly.

Martelly said on behalf of the Government and people of Haiti, the Presidency wishes a speedy recovery to his Venezuelan counterpart. The Head of State recalled that “President Hugo Chavez is a friend, a brother to Haiti. It sets up social programs for wellness vulnerable families, throughout the region, particularly in Haiti…”

The Office of the Prime Minister released a press note which said “in this difficult time, the Government of the Republic expresses its wishes for recovery to President Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela and thank her unconditional support to reconstruction efforts in Haiti.”


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